Aviation Services

We specialize in providing a wide range of aviation based services including :

  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders for new air route development, airline service expansion and new market development.
  • Facilitating the connections and communications between the all levels of aviation service providers in Canada and China
  • Identifying business investment opportunities in the aviation sector, maximize resources and pave the way for business expansion for Canadian aviation service providers on the international market.
  • leveraging human resources capabilities to meet today’s global workforce management demands in aviation industry


Amylia Capital is committed to working with its stakeholders in the international education sector to advance shared goals.

  • Building up a wealth of education network in both Canada and China.
  • Promoting Canada’s education brand , leveraging investments and encouraging strategic partnership between Canadian and Chinese educational institutions by collaborating with the stakeholders on various initiatives and program-based projects.

Financing Services

We offer a range of options to give the business at various growth stages the flexibility to find a competitive investment & finance solution that works best for you.

International trade and investment

  • Enhancing the trade linkages and build constructive relationships between BC and China.
  • Deepening mutually beneficial trade, encourage foreign direct investment and cultural connections between BC and China.

Real estate development

  • Identification and evaluation of potential new business opportunities in real estate sector.
  • Reach the real estate objectives by using a consultative approach.